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The original fire station built in 1982 to serve the Pleasant Grove Community. It went through at least two renovations during that time and certainly served the District well. But after 35 years of active use, we simply outgrew the facility. The building currently is leased to AmbuStar EMS Services and continues to provide service to our area.       

In May of 2017, we officially opened the new Fire Station at 137 Rogers Circle, almost directly across Highway 14. Once again members of our community stood up and helped us with acquiring this property and assisting us at maintaining proper levels of service to this community. The new facility can accommodate up to 7 firefighters on a continual basis, two fire engines and all the space required for serving the community today. As of this date the fire station is manned with 3 firefighters around the clock.

DSC_0036.jpgStation 2 C New.jpg
Station 2 A New.jpg
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