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Fire Marshal’s Office


Our goal is to prevent, wherever possible, the loss of life and destruction of property within the fire district and to aid in preventing such losses before they occur. The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for fire code enforcement, investigating fires for origin and cause, and conducting routine inspections and plan reviews to ensure that new and existing structures meet current Fire Code standards. We also conduct inspections and acceptance testing on all new and upgraded fire protection systems in the district. This office also oversees all Fire Prevention and Education programs provided in the district. We will also conduct, free of charge, any Home Fire Inspection to help you keep your home Fire Safe. 

Knox Box Request


If you have been required to place a key box on your building, our district requires you to use the KnoxBox Rapid Access System. All key boxes can be ordered online. Click here to start your order and follow these instructions. Click Buy in the upper right hand corner. When you enter the fire department’s name, put Pelham-Batesville (type exactly as shown or copy & paste) in the search box. Click the "Select Department" link and then choose the "select and configure" Knox Box that's appropriate for your organization.

Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Information


Request for Fire Sprinkler System Shop Drawing Review 


Fire Alarm Submittal Package


Fire Sprinkler System Information Form

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

A poor radio signal can be hazardous or deadly for firefighters, police officers, and other emergency responders, while performing their duties in an emergent situation.

New and existing buildings shall have approved radio coverage for emergency responders within the building, per 2018 IFC, Section 510. If your building requires signal boosters

to be placed in it, here are the submittal forms and checklist to do so. Any questions, please contact Fire Marshal Russell Hart @ (864) 874-6202.

ERRCS Submittal Form

Thanks! Message sent.

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Russell Hart
Fire Marshal
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