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Educating the public is the most effective way to prevent the devastating effects of fires and other injuries, and to introduce strategies to deal with these emergencies. To accomplish this goal, the Pelham Batesville Department delivers fire and life safety education programs for the residents and businesses of our community. Fire and Life Safety programs are offered to all ages and groups for a better understanding of fire safety and what to do and not to do in the event of a fire.

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Puppet programs are conducted for ages 4-8. Learn from Smokey the smoke detector and his friends on how to stay Fire Safe at home.

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The Fire and Life Safety House is a mobile unit that allows our firefighters to teach children between the ages of 9-12 safe practices in and around the home, including how to escape a fire. The program, which takes 20–30 minutes per group, begins with a presentation that includes videos, pictures and other visual aids to demonstrate the dangers of fire. Afterward, the children can apply what they have learned when the Fire and Life Safety house is filled with artificial smoke and everyone must escape in a safe but swift manner.

For teenagers and adults learn how to conduct a Fire Safety Check of your home by using our Home Safety Checklist and how to find and correct fire hazards in your home. Learn “Hands-On” CPR, the proper way to use a fire extinguisher and how to check and maintain your smoke detectors.

Fire Safety Checklist
Fire Safety Checklist

Escape Plan
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At Pelham Batesville Fire Department, the goal of our Fire & Life Safety Education Programs are to change the behavior of our community so there are fewer dangerous situations, fires and injuries. We have programs tailored to children, adults and senior adults. We also provide training to our businesses, civic groups, schools and daycares. Choose from the categories listed or call to have a Fire & Life Safety Program delivered to you or your group.


Our Fire Safety Programs for our HOA communities consist of a variety of topics from Home Fire Safety checks, in and around the home, preparing a fire escape plan and how to practice it and Fire and Fall Prevention for senior adults using the Remembering When Program provided by NFPA.

If you wish to obtain further information on one of our programs or schedule a Class at your location or our Training Facility please call our Fire and Life Safety Educator at 864-877-1247 or follow the email link below.

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