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The purpose of the Pelham Batesville Fire Department Community Risk Reduction Division is to educate the public on risks within our community, ways those risks can be prevented, and even how to respond when those emergencies may strike. Our department has always had a strong focus on Fire Prevention, but we are striving to encompass all community risks through prevention, education, and response. Some of our programs include Fire Extinguisher Training, CPR + First Aid, Fire + Life Safety program, Car Seat Safety, Home Safety, Juvenile Fire Starters education, and our Smoke Alarm Program. Please continue to monitor our website and facebook for updated information on Fire and Life Safety, ranging from safety in inclement weather, emergency preparedness, to pool safety. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about Fire and Life Safety. Also, let us know if you are seeking any Community Risk Reduction Education for your home, business, civic group, or school. We are here to Serve! Any questions regarding the Community Risk Reduction Division can be directed to Captain JR Brady. Also, check out our programs under our Public Information Tab for a more in-depth look.

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Risk Reduction
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