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Why First Aid & CPR

When emergencies happen, it takes time for professional rescuers and healthcare providers to arrive. Statistics indicate that 70%-80% of emergency incidents occur either in the home or at public places. In such cases, the person nearest at hand to the victim is often a bystander with no medical expertise such as a relative, an office colleague, or a passer-by. If those present at the scene are able to provide First-Aid and/or CPR to the victim promptly until emergency services arrive, the latter’s chances of survival are significantly increased. Whether you are in your home, at work, or at play, knowing basic first aid and CPR empowers you to help yourself, your family, and others.

When an injury or sudden illness happens, what you do in the first few minutes of the emergency can be life-saving.

We offer First Aid/CPR classes so you can have assurance of what to do in the event of an emergency until the emergency services arrives.

The first half of this course covers basic first aid. You will see how to treat minor injuries and illnesses, and learn how to recognize and respond to life-threatening emergencies. Your actions in those first few minutes can provide comfort and reduce pain, and avoid further injury – you may even save a life!

The second half of this course focuses on CPR. You will learn how to recognize cardiac arrest, use of an automated external defibrillator (AED), and providing chest compressions. Training also includes rescue breathing for a victim that is not breathing, and emergency care for a choking victim.

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To schedule a CPR or First Aid Class at your location or our Training Facility please call our Fire and Life Safety Educator at 864-877-1247 or follow the email link below.

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