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The Pelham Batesville Fire Department believes that hiring quality employees is an essential part of providing professional emergency services to our community. The work and responsibilities associated with being a firefighter requires a great deal of physical, emotional and cognitive skill. We are committed to hiring highly motivated, quality individuals for positions within our Department. As a firefighter with Pelham Batesville you will become part of a team and a group of professionals that provide a broad range of specialized emergency services as well as education to our community. After filling out an initial application for a firefighting job, candidates vying for a position within a fire department can expect to take several qualifying exams. To be hired as a firefighter, you must pass all these tests, exams, and interviews.

The following table outlines the types of exams and gives you a general overview of what to expect during each exam:


Volunteer Opportunities

The Pelham Batesville Fire Department is considered to be a combination fire department, meaning that we utilize full-time and volunteer personnel to provide emergency services to the community. We maintain a group of volunteer firefighters that provide support for many functions of the organization on a year round basis.Many of our Volunteer firefighters do "fight fire", but our Volunteers can also provide non-firefighting services and support as well. So just because you have no desire to "fight fire" there are other activities that you can assist with on the fireground and around the Station. We provide training to all our volunteers at the levels of time and commitment that the individual member can devote. The requirements for  Volunteer firefighting are also similar to that of a full-time firefighter and as so require a person to be in proper physical condition.


If you are interested in a Career or Volunteer opportunities:

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Carey Ballew

Deputy Fire Chief

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